London mayoral race 2021: Sadiq Khan pledges '170,000 green jobs', including 1700 in district energy.

By District Energy posted 04-07-2021 09:30


BBC News


Sadiq Khan has pledged to support more than 170,000 green jobs if re-elected as mayor. The Labour mayoral candidate wants to create jobs in flood risk areas of the capital and roles in electrifying London's bus fleet.

Details of Mr Khan's manifesto include a pledge for a £50m New Green Deal.

A ten-point plan includes ambitions of the capital becoming a carbon neutral city by 2030 and "ensuring London's transport system is the world's greenest".

His plan also includes a scheme to create 3,000 new jobs in electrifying the city's bus fleet, 4,400 jobs in solar energy and 1,700 in district energy.

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