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First Nations Communities in Canada to Receive $7 Million for Clean Energy Production

By District Energy posted 04-20-2021 12:00


Courthouse News Services


Natural Resource Canada announced Friday it will award over $7 million to support nine biomass energy projects being undertaken by First Nations communities across British Columbia.

The projects are intended to help Indigenous communities reduce their reliance on diesel generators and other fossil fuels, and strive toward energy independence while creating new green jobs for local residents. The projects are all unique, yet they share the common goal of creating healthier, more resilient communities.

The effort is being funded through Natural Resource Canada’s Clean Energy for Rural and Remote Communities program, which has earmarked $175 million to develop and deploy renewable energy projects to reduce rural communities’ reliance on diesel fuel, encourage energy efficiency and build local skills and energy capacity.

Among the projects being funded, a $661,000 to the Lake Babine Nation in Burns Lake to install a biomass district heating system that will supply heat to four community buildings currently dependent on propane. This project will also use wood chips from local suppliers to fuel the new system, and $719,000 to the Lhoosk’uz Dene Nation in Anahim Lake to install a new Combined Heat and Power system paired with a battery storage solution to replace the two diesel generators currently powering the community.

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