New joint venture targets utilization of shallower geothermal resources

By District Energy posted 20 days ago


Think GeoEnergy


In a release New-Zealand based international geothermal advisors, JRG Energy Consultants and Geo Industry Heat, a Spanish-based direct-use company, have announced a collaboration on strategic initiatives for the geothermal industry. Both companies have entered into a joint venture agreement, aligning business goals and complementary strengths to serve a larger, more diverse client base. The alignment, through collaboration, collective reach and expanded portfolio of services will help bolster a unified team to cover the entire geothermal value chain; from geothermal direct heat utilization to large power production projects.

With an increasing global focus on sustainable geothermal, JRG and Geo Industry Heat will make a concerted effort to develop shallower, more economically viable resources around the globe. This includes direct-use applications for greenhouses, district heating for health care facilities and schools, and direct heat utilization for high-energy consuming industries such as O&G, Mining, Timber and Dairy.

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