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YORK's HVAC system controls temp, purifies air at Saudi's Two Holy Mosques

By District Energy posted 04-28-2021 13:03


Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing


With the pandemic still posing a threat to the lives of many, the government of Saudi Arabia has set strategic plans to implement all necessary precautionary measures at the Two Holy Mosques for this year’s Ramadan, to ensure the health and safety of all pilgrims and visitors.

Al Salem Johnson Controls (YORK), which is considered a leading "one-stop destination" for integrated solutions, including HVAC, Building Management and Control Systems, and aftermarket services, stated that the HVAC System is a vital part of these precautionary measures, to control temperatures and humidity and the purity and freshness of cold air inside the Two Holy Mosques, for infection control and prevent its spread.

The two cooling plants for the Holy Mosque in Makkah – the Shamiya and Ajyad cooling plants – and the central cooling plant at the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah, are among the largest cooling plants in the world.

The YORK HVAC System in the Two Holy Mosques is divided into two parts: YORK chillers inside the cooling plants, and the Saudi-made YORK air handling units (AHUs) distributed inside the Two Holy Mosques, which in its role distributes the cool and fresh air inside the mosque.

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