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ENGIE to build district cooling system in Punggol Digital District

By District Energy posted 05-13-2021 13:51




JTC Corporation has tapped  ENGIE South East Asia to build, own and operate the underground district cooling system (DCS) for the Punggol Digital District, Singapore’s first smart business district that integrates a national university, business park and community facilities.

ENGIE, which specialises on sustainable energy innovation, will develop and construct the DCS plant, which will have a cooling capacity of close to 30,000 refrigeration-tons[1], equivalent to cooling 8,000 4-room HDB flats.

With a 4km centralised piping network connected to customers in the district, the plant is expected to reduce 3,700 tons of CO2 emissions per year at full development and achieve up to 30% reduction of energy consumption compared to standard commercial buildings. The design phase contract, awarded to ENGIE in 2019, has also achieved the Building & Construction Authority’s (BCA) Green Mark Platinum award.

Beyond a reduction in carbon emission, the DCS contributes to PDD’s vision of not just being a sustainable mixed-use district, but a smart one. The system will be integrated into PDD’s Open Digital Platform where monitoring and machine learning of building usage patterns will be carried out.

“Technology is a key driver in advancing sustainability at Singapore’s first smart business District. The Open Digital Platform at PDD integrates various systems across the district, including the district cooling system. This will allow us to track energy consumption patterns, as well as optimise energy distribution and cost efficiencies across the entire District. This is an exciting partnership with ENGIE, and we welcome more players to join us," said David Tan, assistant CEO  of Development Group, JTC.

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