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Montana State University will ask the regents for authorization to buy land

By District Energy posted 05-25-2021 10:28




The parcel of land is along Greek Way and South Third Avenue and includes an existing building of about 7,296 square feet. The property, roughly 1.3 acres, is surrounded by land already owned by MSU and would bring a complete section of 5.2 acres under MSU ownership and Board of Regents authority, according to the authorization request. The land and building would be “for auxiliary uses.”

Part of the new sustainable energy infrastructure will include a solar array on the new Student Wellness Center, according to the request. Other portions will be designed and constructed as projects are developed in the southern area of campus. To see what else is happening in Gallatin County subscribe to the online paper.

“The new energy district will offset energy use for several buildings south of Grant Street including the Student Wellness Center, Shroyer Gym and Brick Breeden Field House and will allow connections and energy costs savings to be applied to future buildings in the southern portion of campus,” the request states. During the meetings, MSU also plans to ask for $700,000 in spending authority to design and install sustainable energy for its South Campus Energy District.

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