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Nordic Energy

By District Energy posted 06-03-2021 13:47


EME Outlook


Europe is a leading continental player in the global sustainability sphere. 
From cities such as Copenhagen (Denmark), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Stockholm (Sweden), Helsinki (Finland), Berlin (Germany) and Vienna (Austria), that are each some of the most sustainable destinations in the world, to industry developments such as green steel, promoting environmentally friendly practices is at the forefront of European development.
Finland stands out as one country that is a key promoter of such practices. As well as having been deemed the happiest nation in the world, its city of Lahti has also been awarded as Europe’s Green Capital 2021. 
Lahti not only aims to become completely carbon neutral in the next few years but has already implemented its greener mission across the board. This ranges from industrial scale sustainable methods to individual CO2 budgets amongst inhabitants to help reduce carbon emissions and increase greener and healthier forms of travel, all the way to domestic green energy usage.
And Lahti Energy is one of the fundamental elements to the provision of the latter. Lahti Energy is a subsidiary of the City of Lahti and acts as a versatile and environmentally responsible energy company, with its main products being generating and supplying electricity and district heating that are produced at its two power plants within the area, which are almost 100 percent based on renewable energy. In its heat production processes, the company uses small power plants located in different parts of the distribution network, as well as peak and backup district heating centres predominantly during the winter season. 
Over 90 percent of people within the Lahti area live in housing connected to the district network allowing the company to supply the vast majority of people with domestic green energy.