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Upcoming Webinar from ENGIE- "District Energy's role in the academic world"

By District Energy posted 06-03-2021 10:41


District Energy's role in the academic world | the role of universities in the decarbonization to fight climate change

Date: June 10th, 2021
Time: 15:30-17:00 (CEST); 09:30am-11:00am (US East Coast)
Webinar session (table ronde style) Format: presentations & panel discussion

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Achieving the European Union (EU) climate objectives - a reduction of overall greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 80-95% by 2050 compared to 1990 levels - requires a complete transformation of the energy system.

One of the main challenges in meeting this ambition is the decarbonization of the heating and cooling sector, which accounts for approximately 50% of the final energy demand in the EU and is mainly reliant on fossil fuels.

To move towards sustainable heating and cooling, it is essential to reshape the energy sector by lowering the overall demand and replacing fossil fuels with more sustainable energy sources, rethinking the way we consume energy. This energy transition must be accompanied by a change in mindset and an ongoing technical revolution where alternative solutions steadily emerge.

Universities have a huge role to play in this field. Campuses have pledged to achieve carbon neutrality and enable this ongoing revolution by developing new competencies and expertise.

Join this session to learn about and discuss how universities, colleges and campuses, regions, industries and the next generation are united to meet the Paris Agreement and creating a more inclusive and resilient society

Topics to be addressed :

  • Why is it so important for universities to move towards more sustainability?
  • How high education is leading the path towards more sustainability (walk the talk) ?
  • What are the impact on their core activities ?
  • What are the impact on innovation ? and new skills to be developed ?
  • Could the energy transition strengthen public and private sectors’ collaboration and reshape the way we have been collaborating till now (academic collaboration program, etc.) ?
  • Concrete examples from universities: OSU, La Rochelle, Darmstadt


  • Jean Marc Ogier is the president of the French universities association and president of the University of La Rochelle.
  • Lynn Readey, Engie Business Development Advisor, Retired AVP of facilities operations and development from Ohio State (Ohio -US)
  • Kristina Lygnerud is Energy Department Manager at the Swedish Environment Research Institute, IVL. She also works as Associate Professor at Halmstad University (Industrial and Financial Economics). Since February this year Kristina is Chair of DHC+( Set up under the umbrella of Euroheat & Power, DHC+ Technology Platform is the European hub for research & innovation in district heating and cooling).
TU Darmstadt will be presented through the : Analysis and Improvement of an Existing University District Energy System by Johannes Oltmanns