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Report highlights ‘important role’ of Energy Recovery Facilities in tackling COVID-19 waste

By District Energy posted 06-22-2021 12:11




The latest data from leading resource management company, Veolia, has highlighted what it calls the ‘pivotal role’ that Energy Recovery Facilities (ERF) have played in dealing with the safe treatment of clinical and medical wastes that have arisen during the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK.

Veolia says that at a time of ‘reduced clinical waste disposal capacity in the UK’ it has ‘rapidly adapted’ to develop a response on medical waste and has been able to increase capacity and respond to ‘a very real issue’ requiring quick disposal and sanitation.

To dispose of the more than 61,000 tonnes of orange bagged clinical and infectious waste that arises each year Veolia’s facilities have already efficiently adapted the operations to typically treat a 15% increase in waste arisings from local areas during the pandemic.

Some sites have also played a key role in addressing the problem of the hospital waste treated at the end of 2019, under the RPS, due to shortage of capacity.

The treatment operations across the country have also had a positive energy benefit by supplying electricity to the grid and delivering low carbon heat to thousands of homes and communities through district heating schemes. Veolia currently operates ten Energy Recovery Facilities across the UK which generate around 1.4TWh of electricity by treating non recyclable waste, and these provide enough electricity for over 430,000 homes.

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