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E. ON begins installation of £4m heat pump system in London’s square mile

By District Energy posted 06-23-2021 15:50


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Utility E.ON has started the installation of a hybrid heating system that combines a heat pump, recycled heat and its combined heating and power (CHP).

The £4 million project will see a heat pump installed at the company’s Citigen energy centre in London’s square mile. It will combine warmth from the earth with recycled waste heat from power generation, and store the energy within three boreholes that extend 200 metres below the capital.

It will add 4MW of extra heating capacity and a further 2.8MW of cooling capacity, and build on Cigiten’s existing CHP engines, which will power the heat pumps.

The heating and cooling will be provided to nearby buildings through a network of super-insulated pipes. It can also be saved for future use in Citigen’s thermal store or pumped down into the boreholes for longer term storage.

E.ON said the system will increase flexibility through its use of multiple heat sources, as well as making best use of space in a congested city and reducing dependence on fossil fuels, thereby cutting emissions.

Changing how we warm and cool our homes and workplaces is “a vital part of eradicating our contribution to climate change by 2050,” Energy Minister Lord Callanan said.

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