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EBRD lends EUR 18 million for district heating decarbonization in Kragujevac

By District Energy posted 07-06-2021 13:05


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Kragujevac, the fourth-largest city in Serbia, will abandon the use of coal in district heating with a loan of up to EUR 18 million obtained from EBRD. Natural gas boilers with a total capacity of 110 MW will replace the old facilities.
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development approved a loan to Serbia to decommission coal boilers in the district heating system in Kragujevac, install a gas-fired system and remediate an ash disposal site.

EBRD’s package is worth up to EUR 18 million. Up to EUR 4 million is intended for the ash landfill subproject and the tranche can be approved after the completion of due diligence, according to the bank’s documentation.

The financing will be complemented by technical support to local district heating company Energetika to help further decarbonize the heat supply and introduce renewable energy sources, EBRD said. In coordination with the European Union, the bank will also support Serbia in the preparation of a national energy and climate plan through 2030.

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