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Euro 2020 gave hope for the future

By District Energy posted 07-06-2021 12:57


Clydebank Post


After the horrors of Covid-19, the frustrations with lockdown and isolation, the nation, for the most part, had something to get excited about – Scotland’s appearance in the Euro 2020 finals.

OK, it ended as we knew it would – a world of hope and excitement in the weeks leading up to the tournament, and then ‘pop’, reality kicks in and another bubble bursts – but so much good came out of the finals for our nation.

We came together in support of our nation, children in Clydebank and beyond campaigned proudly to watch our team play in class, our flags flew from windows and cars – Scotland’s flag, the people’s flag. We all came together as one during this time.

We can’t watch our stars of the future play if we do not give them the opportunity to play now.

On Tuesday, June 22, I had a tour of the district heating centre at Queens Quay. After years of fighting for this, it was amazing to stand inside knowing it was up and running, quietly supplying water and heating as well as saving those hooked up to it money – a lot of money.

It should not be under estimated what the council stands to achieve here. As well as attacking fuel poverty, cutting our carbon footprint and doing amazing things for the environment, we are now leading the way in clean efficient energy production – a true legacy and something we can be extremely proud of.

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