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New Grangemouth energy centre will let off steam this month

By District Energy posted 07-13-2021 15:42


The Falkirk Herald


Located in Earls Gate Park, the facility is about to start construction of a new boiler, which will result in steam emitting the structure.

An Earls Gate Energy Centre spokesperson said: “In the coming weeks, construction of the back-up boiler is due to start. This will involve steam venting through a silencer which has been configured to ensure that noise levels remain low and well within the limits set out in our planning permission.

"We do not expect local residents to be disturbed, however, you may notice steam coming out of the stack. Initially, steam venting will take place daily from 7am to 6pm, however, from around the end of August to the end of September, commissioning of the back-up boiler will continue 24 hours a day, seven days a week."

The plant is expected to be fully operational in mid-2022, creating around 30 operational jobs which will be full-time, permanent positions with full training offered.

When the £210 million Earls Gate Energy Centre does become operational it is hoped it will prevent 216,000 tonnes of household and commercial waste from entering landfill annually.

It will also provide heat and power for nearby CalaChem and adjacent industrial plants, and export any surplus electricity produced to the National Grid.

According to developers, the technology involved – Energy from Waste (EfW) Combined Heat and Power (CHP) – in the new facilty is seen by many as the most environmentally sustainable solution for the management of residual municipal waste.