New NREL report reveals current state and future potential of US geothermal power and heat

By District Energy posted 07-15-2021 11:26


Renewable Energy Magazine


The report 2021 US Geothermal Power Production and District Heating Market Report provides up-to-date information and data reflecting 2019 geothermal power production and district heating markets, technologies, and trends in the United States. This will be of great interest to policymakers, regulators, developers, researchers, engineers, financiers, and other decision-makers.

“Our previous analysis of the geothermal energy sector through DOE’s GeoVision report makes it clear that geothermal power and heat can play an important role in our energy future” said Johney Green, NREL associate laboratory director for Mechanical and Thermal Engineering Sciences. “To reach that potential, we have technical and nontechnical barriers that need to be overcome to reduce risks and costs. This report provides a deeper understanding of the current market environment and trends and highlights challenges and opportunities for increased geothermal deployment.”

Increasing the use of geothermal energy for US heating and cooling can significantly contribute to national decarbonisation goals to cut US emissions in half by 2030 and achieve a carbon-free electric sector by 2035. Geothermal district heating technology is mature and is currently being deployed widely in Europe and Asia.

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