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A new Austin community will come standard with Tesla solar panels and batteries

By District Energy posted 07-28-2021 15:09




Elon Musk is continuing to grow his footprint in Texas by installing the latest version of Tesla’s solar roof on thousands of new homes.

In early July, developers in Austin announced an entire neighborhood will be built with the third version of Tesla’s solar roof tiles and Powerwall battery storage installed in every home. Those homes will be part of a development known as SunHouse at Easton Park which will incorporate electric vehicle charging stations and other features. It aims to be “the most sustainable residential community” in the US, according to a statement from the firm backing the development. It’s also one of the first opportunities Tesla will have to test its beleaguered solar technology on a large scale.

Building hundreds of homes that can generate and store their own electricity sets the stage for the next evolution of the power system: microgrids.

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