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Highlands hotel sources heat from groundwater

By District Energy posted 07-28-2021 14:29


An Inverness hotel is to pioneer a low carbon heating innovation which could pave the way for future decarbonisation of the gas grid in the Scottish Highlands capital and further afield.

The Glen Mhor Hotel has commenced construction on a £2.5m system which will draw natural heat from groundwater.

The groundwater source comes from geological sand and gravel layers found at shallow depth around Inverness, which is connected to the River Ness.

The natural groundwater heat, gathered from shallow wells, will be further heated by electricity-driven heat pumps before being distributed to guests’ rooms and apartments via a small district heating network.

The Water Source Heat Pump project has received Scottish Government funding through the Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Scheme and will generate ongoing carbon savings of 200 tonnes a year.

Twenty gas fired boilers, currently in operation, will be scrapped and replaced with two heat pumps housed in an Energy Centre. 

Once the natural heat has been drawn, the water will flow back into its River Ness source.

“This is a unique project and we are proud to be part of it. It crystallises a decade of research on the best low carbon solutions for the hotel,” said Glen Mhor co-owner, Jon Erasmus.

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