Kirchstockach geothermal plant starts supply of geothermal heat

By District Energy posted 08-10-2021 17:00


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With the heat extraction that has now taken place, the Stadtwerke München (SWM) have expanded their formerly pure geothermal power plant in Kirchstockach into a combined geothermal heating and power plant. At the same time, the company put a newly built, nine-kilometer long district heating line into operation. The municipal utilities can now use the infrastructure to supply customers in neighbouring Hohenbrunn, Ottobrunn, Putzbrunn, Riemerling and Neubiberg with heating from environmentally friendly geothermal energy. So far, the heat was generated by decentralized combined heat and power plants. These are no longer necessary and therefore they will be removed during the upcoming summer vacation. In the medium term, the connection to the Munich district heating network will take place.

District heating in the community of Hohenbrunn

The church administration of the St. Stephanus Hohenbrunn Church Foundation was one of the first to decide to connect the Stephani House to the newly created district heating network. The recently completed new building of the Stephani House not only replaces the old rectory, but will also serve as a meeting place in the center of Hohenbrunn in the future. The focus is on the barrier-free large hall on the ground floor. On the top two floors, new office space was built, which the Hohenbrunn community has rented.

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