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Living the green dream in Edmonton: How Alberta's capital is building the sustainable neighbourhood of the future

By District Energy posted 08-10-2021 15:21


Edmonton AB


Welcome to Blatchford, Edmonton's environmentally friendly neighbourhood built on the city's old airport grounds.

The sustainable development features a district energy system that relies on heat stored beneath the Earth's surface to control temperatures in its homes, offices and stores. Houses in the neighbourhood are almost entirely carbon-neutral, and Blatchford's green building standards are 50 per cent more stringent than the national building code.

The jewel in the Blatchford crown is its shiny new district energy sharing system (DESS), which Esslinger says is a model for wannabe sustainable communities everywhere. The system features a renewable technology known as geoexchange, which draws heat stored beneath the Earth’s surface, and transfers it to a utility station for distribution.

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