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Tennessee’s advanced energy sector outperforms the overall state economy

By District Energy posted 08-10-2021 19:59


A report on the Advanced Energy sector in Tennessee shows that it is outpacing the state economy. The sector employs nearly 394,000 Tennesseans in more than 20,300 businesses that contribute almost $46 billion to the state’s GDP, according to the report.

According to the report, the sector created more jobs than in all other sectors combined in the state. In 2019, 393,756 workers were employed in advanced energy jobs, a 10% increase since 2018. State-wide, almost 15% of all Tennessee jobs are in advanced energy. The report also found that workers in the sector earn an average wage of $64,000, which is much higher than the state-wide average of $48,000.

Advanced energy includes any technology that makes energy or transportation cleaner, safer, more secure, and more efficient. This includes wind, solar, and nuclear technologieselectric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, lightweight composites in the automotive industry, natural-gas fueled trucks, bioenergy, pollution-control equipment, smart grids, combined heat and power, high-performance buildings, more efficient industrial technologies, and power reliability.

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