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Veolia Energy Recovery Facilities generate nearly twice as much electricity as UK wind power

By District Energy posted 08-10-2021 15:46




UK resource management company, Veolia, announced that over a period of fourteen hours on 22nd July, the company’s Energy Recovery Facilities (ERFs) delivered nearly 25% more energy than wind power, and at one point Veolia delivered 111MWe, against the total wind generation of 58MWe.

The combined generating capacity of 180MWe already ‘takes pressure off’ the stretched UK grid as a reliable and secure source of low carbon energy, it says.

As the first operator in the UK to achieve the high efficiency, R1, standard for all of its ERFs, Veolia’s ten plants take around 2.3 million tonnes of non-recyclable waste and transform this into electricity for over 400,000 homes.

Each year these facilities add to energy security by generating around 1.4TWh of electricity through the treatment of non-recyclable waste and, according to Veolia, have shown their key role in safely tackling COVID related wastes by treating the 15% increase in orange bagged clinical and infectious materials.

Some of these facilities are also contributing to the need for heat decarbonisation by producing heating for communities through district heating networks, using combined heat and power technology, Veolia says.

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