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Ohio State plans new round of energy efficiency projects

By District Energy posted 08-18-2021 06:41


Ohio State News


The Ohio State University plans to start work on more than $44 million in energy system improvements.

The project, which will upgrade 40 academic, administration, medical, athletic and student residence buildings, is pending approval by the Board of Trustees this week. This will be the fourth of five phases of energy efficiency measures that are part of the Ohio State Energy Partners (OSEP) program.

“The framework of these optimization projects looks at each building as part of the whole energy system,” said Scott Potter, senior director of comprehensive energy management in the Office of Business and Finance. “We analyze the heating and cooling systems, the motors that might be running in the building, the ducts that are in the building, pumps – anything that has an electrical or heat load – and through that comprehensive lens ask, ‘What’s the list of everything that can be done more efficiently in this building?’”

The projects are guided by building-specific energy audits performed in 2020. Some of the construction includes: changing heating and cooling elements in campus buildings; optimizing air-handling and airflow; and upgrading fans and pumps for optimally efficient circulation.

All of these projects help advance Ohio State and OSEP sustainability goals, which include improving energy efficiency by at least 25% within 10 years and achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

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