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Greener system of cooling buildings may be set up in Tampines, paving the way for more eco-friendly towns

By District Energy posted 08-23-2021 08:50




Several buildings in Tampines central may soon be retrofitted with a cooling system that is more energy efficient, after a feasibility study found that it could lead to a 17 per cent reduction in electricity consumption.

Known as distributed district cooling, the proposed network for Tampines involves having the existing cooling systems of selected buildings produce chilled water to serve the building and others around it.

The buildings will all be interconnected via insulated pipes that can distribute and circulate the chilled water in a closed loop.

In the study conducted by Temasek and SP Group, 14 buildings in Tampines central were involved, including retail malls, commercial and public offices, data centres and a community sports hub.

On Thursday (Aug 19), the owners of seven of those buildings, including CapitaLand and Frasers Property, signed letters of intent with SP to pledge their interest in subscribing to the distributed district cooling network.

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