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Princeton University Construction Projects “Transform” Campus

By District Energy posted 08-26-2021 11:47


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There have been periods during the past 18 months of the pandemic when the Princeton University campus — from the spires of the graduate college through the central campus to the edges of Harrison Street and the banks of Lake Carnegie — has seemed unusually quiet. But the University has been anything but dormant.

Moving ahead on its 2026 Campus Plan, developed and initiated over the past five years with “the most ambitious and comprehensive planning process” in its history, Princeton University has been progressing rapidly on its “transformative journey” towards its “mission-centered vision for the campus.”

Across the street from the new parking garage will be the new thermally-integrated geo-exchange-resource building (T.I.G.E.R.), housing heat pumps and electrical equipment necessary to expand the University’s geo-exchange heating and cooling systems. Two thermal energy storage tanks will be located near the T.I.G.E.R. building to store the hot and chilled water. The building will be connected to the campus by a new underground distribution system.

The solar expansion, which will more than triple the University’s current solar voltaic generating capacity, is using two-sided solar panels, many installed in existing parking lots. The ongoing geo-exchange projects, with enough capacity to serve the entire campus, will enable Princeton to phase out nonrenewable energy sources, including natural gas burned to produce steam heat.

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