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IDEA Recognizes District Energy Space Winners for 2020

By District Energy posted 10-07-2021 15:10


Since 1990, IDEA has been collecting and aggregating data from our member systems to show the viability and value of district energy to the world. On Tuesday, September 28 at IDEA2021 in Austin, Texas, IDEA was pleased to honor the 2020 District Energy Space Award winners in the categories of Most Total Buildings Added and Most Total Square Footage Added.

IDEA recognizes winners in the Gold, Silver and Bronze categories for both North America and Beyond North America in each category. Overall, more than 950 buildings at nearly 127 million square feet were added to district energy systems that reported their results to IDEA. Since we began this endeavor 20 years ago, IDEA has reported aggregate growth of district energy systems of more than 2.5 billion square feet around the world.

Congratulations to this year’s best of the best. The official 2020 DE Space Guide will be published soon, stay tuned!

2020 District Energy Space - Most Total Buildings Added:

North America

Gold – Vanderbilt University - 17

Silver - Rochester District Heating - 10

Bronze – Lonsdale Energy Corporation - 8

Beyond North America

Gold – Empower - 423

Silver - Tabreed - 90

Bronze - Qatar Cool - 48

2020 District Energy Space - Most Total Buildings Added:

North America

Gold – Rochester District Heating – 1,575,502

Silver – Vanderbilt University - 947,000

Bronze – Lulu Island Energy Company – 781,347

Beyond North America

Gold – Empower – 78,177,321

Silver - Qatar Cool – 7,034,381

Bronze - Emicool – 5,370,920