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MSU's old Shaw Lane Power Plant is now the STEM Teaching and Learning Facility

By District Energy posted 10-13-2021 17:21


Fox47 News


Michigan State University opened the new STEM Teaching and Learning Facility this summer and, while it might be new, some pieces of it date back to 75 years ago.

“We know that this was a power plant. How do we celebrate that?" said Project Coordinator Nestor DeOcampo.

If you look at the outside you might think it's just another MSU building, but the second you walk through the door you're reminded of the history.

“We’re standing in a larger complex that’s bookending, as we call it, the original Shaw Lane Power Plant,” DeOcampo said. “The Shaw Lane Power Plant was constructed in 1946 and decommissioned in 1976 for when we brought T.B. Simon Power Plant online.”

DeOcampo said everywhere you look, you're reminded of the plant that once powered the entire MSU campus.

“The history of the building is being that idea of we have a power plant and where we get our energy usage, but it’s also about making the connections for our students to kind of know the history of where we were to where we want to be,” he said.

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