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Ameresco and Trent University Partner on Energy Performance Upgrades

By District Energy posted 10-20-2021 09:30


Ameresco, Inc., a leading clean technology integrator specializing in energy efficiency and renewable energy, today announced a partnership with Trent University, a leading environmental institution, to install various energy efficiency upgrades, including an on-campus Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), that aim to further reduce the University’s carbon footprint, while supporting the provincial energy grid.

“This project is an exciting next step in Trent’s ongoing commitment to environmental and sustainable initiatives on campus,” says Tariq Al-Idrissi, acting Vice President of Finance and Administration at Trent University. “Our renewed Energy Performance Contract with Ameresco builds on previous energy saving projects such as converting the campus lighting to LEDs, implementing smart ventilation systems and using solar energy to power the new zero-carbon Forensics Crime Scene Facility, the first of its kind in Canada.”

The BESS will store energy overnight, when the provincial grid is producing the lowest cost and lowest carbon energy and use it to power the campus at strategic times when the Ontario system operators typically turn to gas-fired generation to meet atypical high demand for electricity. Taking this action on campus contributes to Ontario’s Industrial Conservation Initiative and will result in an expected reduction in Global Adjustment fees of over $1 million annually. These savings will fund the BESS installation as well as extensive upgrades to Trent’s electrical infrastructure.

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