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OPDC discusses Carnegie Mellon University Institutional Master Plan

By District Energy posted 10-27-2021 05:46


The Pitt News


Carnegie Mellon University officials presented long-term campus development proposals on Tuesday to community members at an Oakland Planning and Development Corp. meeting, laying out the ways its Institutional Master Plan would improve academic and social opportunities at the university.

“Everything from our design components that focus on building buildings that are timeless, working on our campus open spaces, creating memorable campus experiences and integrating campus connections are all super important,” Bob Reppe, senior director of planning and design, said. “We want to make sure we also have a master plan that is flexible and can respond to what the next big things are.”

Jennifer Beck, project manager for campus design and facility development at CMU, discussed the environmental and sustainability goals outlined in the master plan. She said a new initiative the planning team is focusing on is improving communication with students and the general public about how CMU’s new development projects contribute to or take away from university sustainability goals.

Beck said it’s important to think about the university as a system when considering practices being used to promote environmental sustainability.

“If we tear down one building, and build up another, are we using more energy or less energy, or more water?” Beck said. “We are going to create a platform where the public can go on and see how the campus is doing as a system.”

Another aspect of sustainable development is tree canopy, according to Beck. She said the 2022 IMP outlines how CMU is committed to replacing 100% or more of trees that are removed during development processes. 

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