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Alberta invests $131 million in carbon capture projects in bid to cut emissions

By District Energy posted 11-30-2021 16:11




Alberta is investing $131 million in projects designed to help prevent carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere.

Up to $131 million from Alberta's Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) fund is being funnelled into Alberta's Industrial Energy Efficiency and Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage program, Premier Jason Kenney announced Thursday. 

Seven projects have been selected to receive a total $100 million in program funding, Kenney told a news conference. Another $31 million will go to other carbon capture utilization and storage projects by the end of this year.

The projects include: 

  • Advantage Energy: Glacier Gas Plant Carbon Capture and Storage and Waste Heat Recovery in Hythe
  • NuVista Energy: Wembley Cogeneration and Waste Heat Recovery Project in Wembley
  • Strathcona Resources: Lindbergh T70 Cogeneration Expansion in Elk Point
  • Tidewater Midstream: BRC Integrated Steam Methane Reforming (SMR)-CCS-Cogeneration Project in Cynthia

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