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Veolia accelerates programme to create hydrogen and cut carbon emissions

By District Energy posted 11-30-2021 16:16




Resource management company, Veolia, is advancing its programme to create the hydrogen gas supply infrastructure and decarbonise the UK energy supply, it has announced.

Believed to be the first application of its type in the UK, the company’s latest development is now managing projects which incorporate electrolyser technology to derive hydrogen from water, and powering these using the low carbon electricity from its Energy Recovery Facilities (ERF).

Future use of the hydrogen could include both replacing the use of fossil fuel on the gas grid and alternative zero carbon fuel for commercial vehicles, Veolia says.

For many years, methane gas has been used to heat homes and businesses, and used in power stations to generate electricity. As a result currently 85% of homes and 40% of the UK’s electricity rely on gas. But when methane burns it still releases carbon, which contributes to climate change.

Veolia says its projects will set out to accelerate progress towards climate protection and a net zero future, by replacing fossil fuels and realising the potential to decarbonise heat in industry, businesses and homes, and provide vehicle fuels.

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