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Harrison Street CEO Christopher Merrill says Investing in District Energy One of the Biggest Opportunities

By District Energy posted 12-02-2021 11:49




Christopher Merrill is the co-founder and CEO of Harrison Street and sees the stickiness of price increases first-hand with his firm’s focus on demographic-driven real estate, such as student housing and nursing home but also sees big opportunities in district energy.

Where are the Biggest Opportunities?

 It’s a tough one. It’s like trying to pick which one of
my children I like the best. I think for us, education, healthcare is where our focus is as a firm. We think there’s great opportunities to expand our relationships. We’re doing a number of public-to-private partnerships with universities and health systems. We’re investing heavily in the life science sector. We’re seeing great opportunities in data centers, in digital. We’re also growing - we have a social infrastructure strategy - we’re growing our renewable portfolio, investing in wind, solar, hydro, and district energy. And the nice thing for us is, you know, again, as a demographic investor, need-based investor, these are global themes. So we’ve expanded the business into Canada. And we’ve also expanded into Europe in these segments. 

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