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AECOM to develop first phase of innovative Humber Zero carbon capture project

By District Energy posted 12-08-2021 12:06


Financial Post


AECOM today announced it is leading the effort to obtain the consents and permits for the Humber Zero project, which will contribute to the decarbonization of critical industry in the Humber region of Northern England, United Kingdom.

The Humber Zero project will integrate carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology into units at the Phillips 66 Humber Refinery and VPI Immingham combined heat and power plant. By 2030, the project is expected to capture up to eight million tons of carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) annually at source before it is transported via pipeline to permanent storage sites under the North Sea. Carbon capture will integrate specialist technology into the existing processing units and plants, including absorption techniques to capture and recover the CO 2 .

“The Humber Zero project reflects the importance of advancing key sustainability initiatives that create a positive impact on the communities where we operate, which is a key component of our Sustainable Legacies strategy,” said Lara Poloni, AECOM’s president. “By integrating world-class carbon capture and storage technology, we are demonstrating how we can help take important steps towards reaching net zero emissions and creating positive social value.”

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