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Hamburg Announces Plan to Save 100,000 Tonnes of CO2

By District Energy posted 12-14-2021 13:47




Today, local authorities in Hamburg announced they will launch a project to connect the waste recycling plant in Borsigstrasse to the district heating. The idea is to capture waste heat from the recycling process and feed it back into the system. The move should save up to 100,000 tons of CO2 annually.

The new project serves as an example of what next-level energy efficiency might look like – using and recycling every last bit of energy. And this can go a long way. According to the authorities, once Borsigstrasse waste heat is fed into the district heating plant of Tiefstack, a significant portion of the site’s energy needs would be reduced, saving both on emissions and resources.

It is also a prime example of the win-win conditions policymakers strive for when implementing sustainable projects.

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