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Siemens partners with East Yorkshire waste-to-energy innovator to boost production

By District Energy posted 12-14-2021 13:57


Business Live

Engineering giant Siemens has partnered with an innovative East Yorkshire company making headway in the waste-to-energy market.

Xetrov Group, headquartered in Pollington, has teamed up with the Manchester-based Siemens Digital Industries business unit to boost production of its ground-breaking Clean6 Vortex.

The modular waste incinerator has been found to be 98 per cent efficient on waste destruction, capable of handling previously unrecyclable materials. It sits above an 80 per cent to 90 per cent efficiency common in industry - thanks to higher temperature pyrolysis due to technologies used.

It also requires far less waste to produce power compared to competing technologies.

Described by Siemens as “innovation turning heads in the recycling and waste processing world” exhaust heat is used to generate electricity, provide district heating and support food production.

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