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Greece must pick up the pace on geothermal energy

By District Energy posted 01-12-2022 15:43




After the raft of commitments announced by the world’s governments at last year’s COP26 climate summit, the question on everyone’s lips is how much progress on reducing carbon emissions will actually be made.

To his credit, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis outlined a number of ambitious targets for Greece, including phasing out coal and increasing renewable energy sources, with the construction of new offshore wind farms and establishing Greece as a green energy hub for Europe. 

Significantly, he said, “We also want to be innovators in pump storage electricity, taking advantage of the country’s unique geomorphology.” This in particular is welcome news, as for too long Greece has not maximized its significant geothermal resources.

There are already encouraging signs of the wider use of geothermal energy. One such project is in Alexandroupoli on Greece’s northeast coast, which exploits the Antheia-Aristino low-enthalpy geothermal field near the city. The project includes the development of a geothermal district heating network that will service municipal buildings and social housing. It is considered as the first step of the exploitation of the available geothermal energy, since the municipality aims to expand geothermal district heating networks to residential buildings and potential industrial consumers.

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