Project plans revealed to deploy electro-thermal energy storage

By District Energy posted 7 days ago




Energy storage developer Malta has teamed up with project management company Bechtel Corporation to deploy electro-thermal energy storage systems.

The companies will develop and deploy Malta’s 10-150+ hour energy storage technology in a variety of grid-scale applications.

The system takes power from renewables or the grid and stores it as heat in molten salt, where it can be converted back to power using a heat engine to be redistributed on the grid.

Near-term actions include jointly developing a portfolio of long-duration energy storage projects.

The energy storage facility will aid emissions reductions, improve grid stabilisation, and increase the grid’s capacity for the integration of renewables. 

An additional benefit of the plant is that it will produce a large quantity of high-quality heat as a byproduct that can be used in commercial, industrial, and district energy operations. 

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