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River District Becomes First Customer for Metro Vancouver District Energy Project

By District Energy posted 01-12-2022 07:09


Metro Vancouver


​Residents and businesses in Vancouver's River District community will soon have their space and water heating needs met with energy generated by Metro Vancouver's Waste-to-Energy Facility.

A new agreement with Metro Vancouver will see River District Energy purchase up to 10 megawatts of heat from the Waste-to-Energy Facility starting in 2025, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by allowing the community to use less natural gas.

"Metro Vancouver is committed to being part of the solution in the fight against climate change, and we are thrilled to partner with River District Energy providing cost effective energy in the pursuit of lower emissions and energy efficient communities," said Sav Dhaliwal, Chair of Metro Vancouver's Board of Directors.

River District will be the first development to benefit from waste-to-energy heat recovery at Metro Vancouver's facility, allowing it to meet the City of Vancouver's Zero Emission Building policies. When fully built out, the district energy system will provide heat and hot water for 18,000 residents and more than 500,000 square feet of office and commercial space, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90 per cent — the same as taking all of the cars in River District off the road.

"River District Energy has for a decade been supplying affordable, reliable space heat and hot water to the residents of River District. This deal marks the next step in the service we provide to our customers. Almost eliminating our use of natural gas allows the residents and customers we serve to play their part in tackling climate change, while still receiving safe, reliable and affordable heat," said Malcolm Shield, VP Sustainability, Wesgroup Properties.

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