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UC’s greenhouse gas emissions are now at 1990 levels — and declining

By District Energy posted 01-25-2022 06:39


University of California


From raging wildfires and catastrophic flooding to rapidly thawing permafrost, the environmental impacts of climate change were evident on both a local and global scale last year — but the University of California is pointing the way to a future that is both resilient and sustainable.

All 10 campuses and their affiliated health systems have hit their goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels. The achievement is even more notable given UC’s significant growth over the last three decades, even as the university continues to tackle the major challenge of natural gas consumption.

The climate action milestone is one of several highlights in UC’s just released annual sustainability report, which tracks the university’s performance on climate, energy, food, green building, health and wellbeing, procurement, transportation, water, waste and more.

“Though we have much more work to do, we are proud of this progress toward achieving our ambitious goals around sustainability, climate action and climate justice,” UC President Michael V. Drake, M.D., said in an introduction to the report. “Through our collaboration, creativity and perseverance, we can continue to accelerate UC’s efforts across our research, education and operations, and combat global climate disruption in California and around the world.”

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