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Munich on track to reach 100% renewables in 2025

By District Energy posted 01-26-2022 15:47


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Munich is making considerable progress with the decarbonisation of its power as the share of renewables is projected to reach 90% in 2022.

Municipal utility Stadtwerke Muenchen (SWM) operates about 60 renewables power plants in and around Munich that generate about 6.3 billion kWh of electricity. This will be enough to meet 90% of the power needs of all households, industry, trade and the public sector as well as all trams, e-buses and subway operations in the city. The portfolio includes solar, wind, geothermal and hydropower plants as well as a biomass cogeneration plant.

A key component in SWM's climate protection strategy is the shutdown of the coal-fired cogeneration plant Nord Block 2 which poses a challenge as it cannot be switched off without having a replacement. To make the exit, the utility is now considering transforming the plant to run on natural gas from the heating season 2022/23. The use of gas is considered a bridge technology and in the end, the plant will be powered by hydrogen or geothermal energy.

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