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Ohio State's Innovation District to Bring Groundbreaking Advances in Health Care

By District Energy posted 01-26-2022 15:36


Columbus Monthly


Three towering cranes with double booms have loomed over West Campus at Ohio State University for the past year. The construction signals the sky-high expectations for the novel, health-focused research activity that will soon be located there.

Twenty-five years ago, this type of high-tech bioscience campus wasn’t even a dream. By fall, though, construction was well underway for what you might call Silicon Valley East, but which Ohio State has dubbed the Innovation District.

Ohio State is expected to invest about $647 million initially for the project and infrastructure, which is in the first phase. It is likely to take 15 to 20 years for the district to reach its full potential, says Jay Kasey, Ohio State’s senior vice president of administration and planning.

The Energy Advancement and Innovation Center will be a hub for faculty, students, alumni and engineering researchers, local entrepreneurs and industry experts to work on smart and renewable energy and green mobility solutions. Ohio State has a 50-year contract with ENGIE to run the campus energy grid. The international energy company produces and manages non-carbon-based energy around the world and has committed $50 million to the innovation center.

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