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Mike Walton, PE, DGCP Energizes Burns’ Facilities Engineering Services

By District Energy posted 02-22-2022 11:06


Burns announces the promotion of Mike Walton, PE, DGCP to the role of Vice President, Facilities and Infrastructure.

Mike leads Burns’ industry-leading suite of advanced-power, zero-emission mobility, and high-performance facility engineering services. Working across disciplines, Mike has a unique ability to bring design solutions to life, effectively communicating with his team, partners and clients to overcome some of the largest, most-complex project challenges.

An expert in distributed energy resources, microgrids, and campus-decarbonization solutions, Mike has established Burns as a go-to partner for clients modernizing their medium- and heavy-duty vehicle fleets, maintenance facilities, central energy plants, and other critical infrastructure. On these projects, Mike plays a pivotal role conceptualizing, planning and designing solutions that strike a balance between clients’ sustainability, resiliency and financial-performance goals.

Recent projects include multidisciplinary engineering services for:

  • The first airport microgrid in the U.S.,
  • Some of the country’s largest private microgrids,
  • Major university infrastructure projects, and
  • Fleet depots serving one of the country’s largest electric utility companies.

Meet Mike Walton, PE, DGCP