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SEAI’S National Heat Study Demands Urgent Climate Targets

By District Energy posted 03-01-2022 19:51


Irish Tech News


The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland published the National Heat Study, a comprehensive analysis of the options for reaching net zero emissions from the heating sector by 2050. Comprising a series of technical reports analysing heat supply and use across all sectors, the study provides key insights and proposed actions to decarbonise the sector. Crucially it stresses the need for early and urgent action.

Heat-related carbon dioxide emissions in Ireland are rising, representing 38% of energy-related emissions in 2020. Ireland’s heating demand has been rising steadily since 2014, primarily due to economic growth. Reducing and removing the fossil fuels we use to provide heat in our homes, businesses and industry is a serious challenge that is central to achieving Ireland’s climate targets.

Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications, Eamon Ryan TD, said: “This National Heat Study is a rigorous analysis of the options, pathways and timelines of eliminating CO2 emissions associated with heating in Ireland, to remain within our carbon budgets and to achieve net-zero by 2050. Fast deployment of existing solutions plays a key role. However, new-to-Ireland technologies like district heating will play a large role in the decarbonisation of our heat sector. Actions required to deliver our 2050 objective will be addressed in the 2022 Climate Action Plan; this study is a key input to that work.”

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