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DePauw’s Campus Energy Master Plan - Designed by Ecosystem - saves nearly $800,000 since 2017

By District Energy posted 03-03-2022 09:31


The DePauw


The Campus Energy Master Plan, introduced in 2017, decreased campus energy usage by 33% and saved nearly $800,000 in the process, creating a more sustainable campus environment for students and staff. 

Chris Hoffa, the director of facility operations, said that facilities has completed all of the original elements of the plan, including the district energy heating system conversion from steam to hot water, district energy cooling system energy efficiency upgrade, campus LED lighting conversion, building HVAC controls optimization, low flow water fixture deployment, and the ITTC solar project.

Our Campus Energy Master Plan (CEMP) formally began in December 2016 as DePauw was actively seeking a partner to perform engineering design and construction services for CEMP project scope. Our CEMP partner, Ecosystem, was chosen and design work began in March 2017. Actual construction work started in May 2018 and the entire project was completed in March 2021,” Hoffa said.   

He said that the pandemic, as well as supply chain issues, had no effect on the project since all of the material and equipment procurement happened in advance of COVID-19. The human resource issues induced by the pandemic and economic inflation began after the completion of the plan. The timing of significant social and economic issues certainly worked in favor of completing the project with the original timing and budget.   

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