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Let’s Reenergize Nuclear Power

By District Energy posted 03-09-2022 13:34


Burns & McDonnell


It is time for nuclear energy to provide energy security as a safe, affordable and abundant source of carbon-free energy. To do that, we must first change how society views the way nuclear power is produced. We can do that if we base the industry on how the fuel is used.

New fuel designs and innovative reactor technologies like X-energy’s Xe-100 pebble bed and NuScale’s VOYGR reactors are advancing quickly toward a prominent role in safely decarbonizing the grid. Used in baseload, peaking or even district energy configurations, these nuclear power facilities can be built at costs that are roughly comparable to new advanced-class gas-fueled power facilities.

Approximately $10 billion has been authorized under U.S. Department of Energy programs for various demonstration projects over the next five budget cycles. These investments, along with private sector funding, will be directed toward development of microreactors and other types of advanced nuclear reactors.

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