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Rockwell Automation Helping an Australian Cereal Manufacturer Generate Clean Energy From Waste

By District Energy posted 03-16-2022 16:15




Rockwell Automation technologies is helping a leading cereal manufacturer use anaerobic digestion—a sequence of processes by which microorganisms break down biodegradable material—to generate energy from organic waste. These processes allow the manufacturer, which has a strong commitment to its social and environmental responsibilities, to reduce energy costs while also reducing environmental impact.

ACS, a provider of industrial automation and control systems and services in Australia, developed the anaerobic digestion plant’s automation and control system, which includes several Rockwell control, software, and drive products.

The plant generates methane gas from oat husks and uses this fuel in a combined heat and power generator unit to offset its full existing and future energy requirements with surplus energy exported to the grid. The anaerobic digestion plant has the capability to produce 1.5 million watts of electricity and heat.

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