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Heating System Upgrades Draw Interest

By District Energy posted 03-23-2022 12:43




Dartmouth’s progress in upgrading its campus heating system is drawing interest from other New England schools looking to improve energy efficiency and sustainability.

Officials from University of Massachusetts Amherst, Williams College, and Mount Holyoke toured campus on Friday for a look at the new high-efficiency hot-water heating system, the first phase of which is now operational.

Dartmouth is transitioning over the next decade from its central heating plant and steam-heating system to a new energy-generation and distribution system that’s designed to significantly reduce and minimize the use of greenhouse gases.

A major component is converting from the use of steam heat to hot water, which improves energy efficiency and has a system that is adaptable to future technologies.

“The tour was an opportunity for our colleagues from other institutions that are planning similar conversions to see what we’ve installed and for us to share the lessons we’ve learned to date,” says Abbe Bjorklund, Dartmouth director of engineering and utilities, who organized and led the tour.

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