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UVM Formally Announces Consortium Promoting Clean, Renewable Energy

By District Energy posted 03-23-2022 12:58


The University of Vermont


In an effort to create a cleaner and more energy efficient Vermont, the University of Vermont (UVM)―in conjunction with over a dozen manufacturing and electric utility companies, state and local government offices, Vermont higher education institutions, and non-governmental organizations—has formally announced the Vermont Clean and Resilient Energy Consortium (VCREC). The VCREC seeks funding for research and related economic and commercial development related to clean energy, and to collaborate on projects of mutual interest to support clean energy delivery, renewable energy, decarbonization, and energy resiliency. 

UVM’s Vice President for Research Kirk Dombrowski convened the energy groups—which include Burlington Electric, Renewable Energy Vermont, Green Mountain Power, VELCO, the Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies, GlobalFoundries (GF), the Vermont State Colleges System, and others—with the understanding that Vermont should be more nationally recognized as a proving ground for clean and renewable energy. With a unique power infrastructure that is ready to face the issues of a warming state and a warming world, the VCREC aims to become a powerful translational partnership in advising and influencing real-world problems and challenges.

“Vermont is in a unique position to become a statewide testbed for innovative ideas in clean, green energy,” Dombrowski said. “The partnership of utility companies like Burlington Electric, manufacturing companies like GF, and researchers at UVM, Norwich University, and Vermont State Colleges makes the VCREC ready to advise and influence renewable energy standards throughout the state and into the national stage.”

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