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CSU’s Spur Campus in Denver Builds on Innovation and Collaboration

By District Energy posted 03-30-2022 20:31


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Colorado State University’s bold step to build a hub for research, education and outreach linking issues related to health, food and water is coming to fruition at its new Denver campus called CSU Spur. The university is spending $200 million to build three new buildings, each supporting research and work in those fields, while also opening the entire campus as a free public learning environment.  

When complete, the effort will provide CSU with nearly 300,000 sq ft of space along the South Platte River at the western edge of the 250-acre National Western Center (NWC) campus. CSU is one of the three NWC founding partners, along with the city and county of Denver and the National Western Stock Show. 

“It’s about creating community,” says Jocelyn Hittle, assistant vice chancellor of CSU Spur, adding that the project’s success comes from building relationships with the other partners on campus. “It’s something special that comes from the integration of what we all do.” 

Building a campus within a campus presented several coordination challenges as multiple other separately contracted projects are ongoing, including an innovative sewer-heat recovery district energy system (see sidebar, p. MS24) that will provide heating and cooling to CSU’s new buildings and, once up and running, will be the largest of its kind in North America.

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