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Danfoss to build energy-efficient “smart” supermarket

By District Energy posted 03-30-2022 20:36


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Danfoss has begun construction of a fully functioning 1,500m2 supermarket to incorporate the latest and most energy-efficient refrigeration and heating technologies.

The Smart Store supermarket will be situated right next to Danfoss’ headquarters in Nordborg and is designed to be an example of how supermarket chains around the world can build climate-friendly and sustainable stores with the technologies that already exist today.

Danfoss has previously promoted the “smart store” concept of next generation food retail solutions at exhibitions like Euroshop, now the Danish manufacturer is bringing that vision to reality.

Scheduled for completion in the summer of 2023, the store will employ CO2 refrigeration, with the system’s waste heat being recovered and reused to provide heating for the supermarket and the local community through district energy.

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