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Seattle archdiocese redeveloping property into affordable housing

By District Energy posted 03-30-2022 16:45




The Archdiocese of Seattle and its St. James Cathedral will sell and redevelop four properties in the city’s First Hill neighborhood as part of a project that aims to create affordable housing and steer the neighborhood towards carbon neutrality.

“Creatively thinking about how we can better use our properties to achieve the mission of the church is exactly what we need to do as good stewards of God’s gifts,” Archbishop Paul Etienne of Seattle said in a statement. “Redeveloping our real estate in a very efficient and sustainable way not only reflects our Catholic value for our common home, but also provides us with resources to carry out our greater mission of bringing Christ to others.”

Westbank and its affiliate Creative Energy, meanwhile, have partnered with Swedish Health Services to modernize the Seattle area health care system’s infrastructure with a goal of being carbon negative by 2030.

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