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Denmark to present plan that could end use of Russian gas

By District Energy posted 04-13-2022 22:29


The Local DK


A new economic reform plan, expected to be presented next week, could set out a roadmap for Denmark to phase out its use of Russian gas.

The reform proposals are to be presented at a press briefing on Tuesday following the Easter break, the Prime Minister’s Office confirmed in a statement on Wednesday.

“The proposal will address issues including how Denmark can accelerate conversion to green energy and become more quickly independent of Russian gas,” the statement read.

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen has already given some detail of the proposal in an interview with newspaper Berlingske.

One element is a plan to convert 400,000 individually gas heated homes to an alternative energy source.

“We must move them to district heating or individual heating pumps where this is viable. We must ensure Danes move away from natural gas,” she said.

The proposal will contain an additional four parts as well as the plan related to gas heating.

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